Useful Tips To Face Board Exams


The Board exams for Classes X and XII CBSE is so close ahead. The date sheet for the exam is really encouraging as the gap between papers gives hope even to those who couldn’t study extensively, provided the gap is utilised judiciously and a proper balance is maintained between study and relaxation / sleep.

Taking adequate rest with proper sleep during this phase is even more important. That will improve the quality of concentration/study.

Many students over-stress during exam without proper sleep which doesn’t add any value to the overall performance of such students as many a time it results in falling sick due to sleeplessness. Hence, the study should go on a rhythmic pace even during examination season.

Balancing food is equally important. According to a Sanskrit saying, being alpahaari (the one who eats less / adequate) is one of the important characteristics of a student.

Parents should supplement students’ diet with fruits / juice and students should not ignore drinking enough water. Thirty minutes of brisk walk and 10 minutes of breathing exercise in the morning will also add value to the quality of study and performance in the examination.

Time wasters and attention distracters like social media, TV etc should be avoided till the exams are over. Parents and other family members are expected to support the examinee by way of not using such things at home.

As a matter of fact, it should be treated as the examination of entire family and not only of the student. That will motivate the student to perform even better at the exam due to the moral support and care, he/she is getting from everyone in the family.

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While writing the exams, students should not struggle with a question which is difficult to answer. You can skip such questions and come back to difficult questions after answering easy questions.

You should also have a sense of proportion and time management in mind while writing the answers, e.g. a two mark question should not be answered in two pages, even though you have the capacity to do it. A very important thing to remember is to remain in touch with your subject teachers and follow their advice, because they are your well wishers and know the subject.

Last, but not the least in importance, pray to Almighty, take blessings of your parents, teachers and be confident about your abilities. exam related counselling can also be done. (The Peninsula)