10 Of The Most Powerful Passports In The World


You might not realize this, but a passport is a very powerful thing. It literally is your identity and shows from where you belong. If you don’t have a passport, then chances are you belong to no nation, no country, and you have no place that can be called home. listed below are the top 10 of the most powerful passports in the world.

10. Liechtenstein

Taking the 10th spot in our list of most powerful passports in the world is Liechtenstein. Quite surprising to see this particular country in the list aren’t you? Well, believe it or not, Liechtenstein passport holders can travel to a whopping 159 countries without any visa. That is quite impressive for such a lesser-known country.

9. Malaysia and Malta

In our 9th position is the double M duo of Malaysia and Malta. Holding the passport of these two countries allow you to travel to 163 countries without a visa. This is indeed a big number of countries considering none of them are considered as superpowers of this world. Quite surprising to see Malta in the list, though.

8. Iceland

According to folklores, the name Iceland was given by the Vikings to deter outsiders from entering the country because the name sounded like this beautiful country is nothing but ice. Despite their strict entry back a couple of centuries ago, an Iceland passport holder can enter a lot of countries without any visa. The number stands at 165 countries.

7. South Korea

While North Korea has been shut off from the rest of the world, South Korea are more than welcome to every country in the world. In fact, if you happen to hold a South Korean passport then you can get access to 166 countries without a visa.

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6. Australia, Singapore, Greece

Ranking 6th in our list of most powerful passports is a three-way tie between countries from 3 different continents. Having the passport of Australia, Singapore or even Greece will let you roam around the world to 167 countries without the hassle of any visa.

5. Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand

These three countries are considered as the 5th most powerful countries in the world in accordance to their passport. Having the passport of Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand gives you access to 168 countries without the visa. While it is understandable to see Switzerland and Austria in the list, given they are in EU, seeing the name of New Zealand is a surprise.

4. Ireland, Japan, Canada, France, Norway, Portugal, and Spain

Our 4th place sees a huge list of countries coming from a number of continents. The list consists of European powerhouses like France, Portugal and Spain along with Ireland and Norway joining the likes of Canada, and Japan to give access to 170 countries all over the world without any visa. There are an estimated 207 sovereign states in the world and you can travel to 170 of them without any problem if you hold one of these 7 passports.

3. Italy, Belgium, and Netherlands

It is a total European domination in our number 3 spot for the world’s most powerful passports. Italy joins the neighboring countries of Belgium and Netherlands to have access to 171 countries without the need of any kind of visa. Give how friendly and cooperating Netherlands and Belgium are, it is no surprise to see them so high on the list.

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2. USA, Germany, Denmark, and Luxemburg

The number 2 spot is comprised with four countries and Europe represents three of them. Many people will be surprised to know that the USA isn’t the top country with most access to countries with visa. However, these four countries can go to 172 countries with no visa.

1. United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden

To round off our list of the most powerful passport, we have the UK, Finland, and Sweden. If you are a holder of these countries passport then you can travel to a staggering 173 countries with no visa. [curiousmob]