Six Ways To Book Cheapest Air Flights


6 Ways To Book Air Flights And Save Money

You can never be satisfied with booking air tickets online. There is always this feeling that the fare might go down sometime later. Sometimes you wonder how much extra you are actually paying for these tickets. Your mind is in constant state of paranoia. And the only way to put your mind at ease is by finding out how to buy air tickets at a cheap rate.

There are various hacks that can be used to book air flights at a cheap rate. Some of them are risky, some are simple. However, all of them work fine and if you can pull them off then you got cheap air tickets. Here are the top 6 hacks to book air flights cheaply;

6. Book 47 days in advance

According to a study done with over five million flights, booking your ticket online at least 47 days in advance allows you to buy them at a cheap rate. This only works for domestic flights though. Why it happens though is not certain yet, but you are getting tickets at a cheaper price, why should you care?

5. Clear The Browser Cookies

A lot of us tend to refresh our page in the hopes of seeing the price of tickets fall magically. In reality, refreshing only makes the price go higher. Airline websites use browser cookies to keep track of your searches. They use the cookies to help gather data and strategize in something called dynamic pricing. The idea is that, the airlines are setting their price based on simple market demand. The more times you visit their website the higher the demand for their tickets are. This way the price keeps going up. The best way to combat this “dynamic pricing” strategy is to clear all your browser cookies before visiting the website. This way the web site cannot track how many times you visited them.

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4. Change Your Location

This may be the hardest hack of them all. Regional pricing can affect the price of the tickets. Based on where you buy those tickets from, the price may vary. International tickets are cheaper if bought from countries with a low standard of living. The key plan is to fool the airline into believing that you are buying from elsewhere.

The way it works is that you mask your IP address or you use the airline’s regional website to book the tickets. You have to buy your tickets in the foreign currency. For instance, if you want to travel from New York to somewhere in South Africa, then you need to log onto South Africa’s local site. Or you can use a VPN to get a South African IP address. Select the flight that you want and buy it using a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. There are a few drawbacks to this hack. This hack works 80% of the time. Sometimes there are web sites which sell tickets to residents only. So if you do manage to buy a ticket, it may not be applicable for you since you are a foreigner. On the other hand, people rarely check the ticket once you have it, so you might as well give it a shot.