We have some bad news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10


We have some bad news courtesy of Ice universe, who is one of Twitter’s most prominent leakers. The account with a Russian Blue cat as its avatar, which is followed by the likes of Evan Blass and MKBHD, has been the source of much Galaxy Note 10 information in the last few weeks.

Previously, he has posted cryptic tweets about the upcoming device’s battery capacity and charging speed, which has led to speculation about whether Samsung is prepping something completely different like a graphene battery.

Now, the mystery leaker has taken back to Twitter to set the record straight about what camera sensors the Note 10 series will, or more precisely will not, have.

Samsung recently announced that it would be bringing two new ISOCELL sensors to market, which further fuelled speculation that the South Korean company would be equipping its new flagship 64 MP sensor in the Note 10.

Unfortunately, Ice universe has confirmed that the upcoming phablet will not feature the new 64 MP sensor, which is a shame. With that said, the leaker also hinted in the same tweet that the company may use its other new ISOCELL sensor, the 48 MP GM2 instead.

Either sensor would likely deliver exceptional camera performance, so all is not lost. However, Samsung certainly needs to up its game after the comparatively mediocre cameras with which it equipped the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+.Courtesy:NoteBookCheck

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